Portfolio Companies and Philanthropy

Development of drugs against age-related diseases based on mitochondrial antioxidants

Lead scientist: Vladimir Skulachev


Investments: $5M

Searched for substances (Screening-1) that prolong the life of long-lived mice by more than 20% (obtaining the EFFECT of prolonging life) - and deciphering the mechanisms of life extension.

Obesity and diabetes

Searched for anti-obesity and anti-diabetes compounds based on Screening-1 data and additional study. A new target (MoA) and several drugs and drug-like compounds for obesity and diabetes treatment were identified.

eEF2 kinase (cancer therapy)

Development of an eEF2 kinase inhibitor for cancer therapy. Longevica Pharmaceuticals was purchased from Rutgers University in 2010 and $2M was invested in molecules synthesis and lead optimisation. Received six U.S. pate


Code Project (GPCR-receptorome)

Development of a new concept for disease identification and drug discovery based on GPCR-receptorome (with the goal of developing a microchip with 400 GPCR-receptors, create "artificial NOSE").


Development of drugs for age-related diseases based on mitochondrial antioxidants.​

Mice facility in Moscow State University

Financed the building of a mice vivarium for the Biology Department of Moscow State University.

Genome Lab

Built a genomic laboratory at the Vavilov Institute of General Genetics and equipped it with an ILLUMINA sequenator for genome sequencing. 


Human Genome Sequencing

Sequenced of genomes of centenarians to search for combinations of genes associated with longevity.

Research on Alzheimer and Schizophrenia diseases

Donated to UMASS to support Evgeny Rogaev's research on Alzheimer and Schizophrenia diseases.


Post-telomere Hypothesis (printomer)

Searched for a new part/substance in the DNA unknown to science that can regulate the speed of aging (Olovnikov theoretically predicted long ago the presence of telomeres in the DNA, which is the “clock of aging”).

Moon-sensor Theory of Aging

A series of mice experiments with the goal of confirming/demonstrating the Moon’s influence on the "sand" in the human pituitary gland - and thus on the entire behavior of the body.


Blood brain barrier (BBB project)

Looked for substances restoring the BBB integrity - a new paradigm of preventing neuro-degenerative diseases.


Searched for compounds with radiation protection effect (small screening).

Helix Ventures

LP in California-based biotech venture fund​ (in 2010-2019).